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December 27, 2009

For Christian Knights, God is the Great, High King whose glory is vast and strikes awe into the believer. For Knights, God’s greatest attributes are strength, power, and knowledge of perfect righteousness. For Knights, the power of the Kingdom is found in the strength of the righteous. Blessings of creativity from God are meant to be used to help win the conflict against evil.

Knights idolize Jesus, who was martyred, the Apostle Paul, who was persecuted and imprisoned by an evil world for his beliefs, and Stephen, who was stoned to death for refusing to recant his Christian beliefs.  They also idolize the warrior Christ facing down shrieking demons in Revelation.

For Knights, religion is intended to reveal the existence of God to an ignorant world, and to provide a pathway to proper devotion, moral living, and life after death.

Knights sometimes pray, “Lord, give me the strength to resist or overcome evil,” or “Please, Lord, make me as steadfast as a stone.”

Among Knights’ favorite hymns are “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” “Onward Christian Soldiers,” and “Lead On, O King Eternal.” Most “Christian rock” and “praise choruses” used in worship services are Knight songs.

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