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December 27, 2009

For Gardeners, God is the Great Spirit, the Ground of Being, the Beyond in our midst, the Source of all breath, life, and joy.

For Gardeners, God’s greatest attributes are infinite imagination and creativity. Human creativity represents mere shadows of God’s infinite creativity, and are meant to be used to grow God’s Garden ever more. For Gardeners, the power of the Kingdom of God is that of fertility, not of control.

All “seven signs” of Jesus’ divinity in John’s Gospel are those of a Gardener. In this gospel, Jesus (1) furthered a celebration of life by turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana, (2) healed a nobleman’s son, (3) healed a crippled man, (4) fed the five thousand, (5) calmed his disciples’ fears by walking on water, (6) restored the blind man’s sight, and (7) raised Lazarus from the dead.

For Gardeners, religion is the proverbial finger pointing toward the moon, something that points toward the true divine Spirit, not an absolute truth in and of itself.

Gardeners sometimes pray, “Let God’s love energies fall on me,” “Show me what Garden needs to be grown here,” and “What is your mystery and meaning here?”

Every U2 song is a Gardening song.


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