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December 27, 2009

Knights often cast their communities—and churches—as Noah’s arks (providing safety from a dissolving world), lighthouses (serving as symbols of hope that the entire world is not yet lost to evil), firebases (from which to launch spiritual warfare campaigns), or military academies (for preparing Knights for lives of spiritual combat). Knight communities—and churches—are usually hierarchical and consist of two classes—champions and those who support (or aspire to be) the champions. The purpose of Knight churches is to rescue people from evil. Knight churches can show world-changing initiative, be aggressive, or be aggressively paranoid.

Gardeners often cast their communities—and churches—as architects, construction crews, hospitals, nonjudgmental resting places, salve, liberators from guilt, schools, platform builders, or spiritual seed beds (which is what the word “seminary” means). Gardener churches can also show world-changing initiative, but may emphasize education over action when focused too inwardly.

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