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December 27, 2009

Where do these worldviews come from? No one knows for sure. Some argue that religions create worldviews; others argue that worldviews create religious orientations—a real “Which came first—the chicken or the egg?” conundrum.

Separating worldviews from their religious roots (or vice versa) is impossible. For the purposes of this book I argue that worldviews create religious orientations. Why? It’s simpler. Since this book is written to be helpful for as many people as possible, and since many of you may not be religious, I begin the book with the areas of life most people find most familiar, and end with spiritual matters.

Even if you have no interest in religion, but still find religion in society important to understand, you may find that the last section of this book—Soul—explains why and how religious groups such as the Religious Right pursue their political agendas.

Regardless, one need not be religious to hold one of these worldviews.

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