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December 27, 2009

The courtship model of male Knights is to earn the lady’s favor by proving his honor, strength or worth as a chivalrous protector. After winning the lady, the Knight continues demonstrating his worth by playing the role of the sentinel—the paragon of steadfastness, fidelity and chivalry. Knights dream of walking away from the movie’s final battle with the leading lady, having won her heart by proving his mettle and intentions. Knights sometimes secretly wish for a crisis to occur so he can demonstrate the depth of his love for her again. For this reason, at a boring wedding reception, Knights secretly wish terrorists would attack so they would have something to do.

The courtship model of female Knights is to earn a man’s favor by proving her moral virtue by remaining pure, steadfast and moral to demonstrate her worthiness as a potential mate. The fair and virtuous princess is the female version of the Knight.

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