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December 27, 2009

Can a Gardener serve in the military, police, or intelligence services? Yes, by working to end, limit, or head off conflict before it starts.

For example, defense strategist Thomas Barnett in his books The Pentagon’s New Map and Blueprint for Action recommends the U.S. should field two militaries—a ‘knock-down’ military like the one it currently has to destroy enemy militaries and facilities, and a ‘build-up’ military to aid in the recovery of postwar nations and disaster-stricken areas. This ‘build-up’ military—which he jokingly refers to as a “pistol-packing Peace Corps”—would combine the best of police and counterinsurgency tactics to keep the peace in war-torn areas, negotiate peace deals with insurgents, and arrest or eliminate insurgents who interfere with the rebuilding process.

A retired CIA officer once told me that on the day the Soviet Union collapsed, there was rejoicing in the halls at Langley—not because their main adversary had been defeated, but the CIA’s espionage and covert acts had successfully helped prevent the Cold War from becoming a hot, world-ending war.

Can Knights serve in a societal growth environments like cities? Yes, by ensuring the fair play necessary for the Garden to grow by working as police, judges, policy enforcers, or referees.

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