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December 27, 2009

Knights are ill-equipped to handle situations that require Gardener strategies, like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where there were no enemies to fight.

The war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina provided a one-two punch to the Bush Administration in 2005. The Bush Administration lost its credibility with Knights when it could not definitively win the war in Iraq—and with Gardeners when it could not construct a functioning democracy in the invasion’s wake.

And the Bush Administration’s failures to anticipate or respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans demonstrated its inability to respond to challenges that are inherently Gardener in nature. These failures alienated Gardeners among Democrats and Republicans alike.

Gardeners are ill-equipped to handle situations that require Knight strategies, like when a gang of drug dealers move to take over a neighborhood and tough “weed prevention” measures are needed. Similarly, Gardener businesses or churches sometimes fail to stand up to bullies within their organizations who harass the leaders or derail the organization’s efforts to fulfill their missions.

Knights and Gardeners need each other.

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