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December 27, 2009

Religious Knights believe God created enemies—or allows them to exist—to provide opportunities for Knights to demonstrate their virtue and glorify God. Religious Gardeners believe Satan created the concept of “the enemy” in the first place.

In the early Sixties, Bobby Kennedy opposed the Civil Rights Movement. During a strategy meeting presided over by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., other Civil Rights leaders disparaged Bobby Kennedy until King slammed his hand down on the table and ended the meeting until someone could say something good about Bobby Kennedy. The next day, when the meeting reconvened, someone told the group that Bobby Kennedy listened to the counsel of his bishop. King and other Civil Rights leaders then swayed the bishop to their cause, and the bishop swayed Bobby Kennedy, who swayed President John F. Kennedy, which began the brothers’ careers as Civil Rights’ advocates.

Martin Luther King waged a Gardener rather than a Knight campaign of persuasion—he never treated segregationists as enemies.


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