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December 27, 2009

While many Knights today do not know the story of Galahad, they idolize his example in modern TV and movies. Modern-day Knights still aspire to do battle with the forces of evil, live by a code of honor or principle, and do what’s right even if it means becoming the last good, brave man in the world.

Modern-day Knights dreams of being…

  • The steely-eyed lawman, the only law in a lawless land, squinting in the prairie sun, squaring off against outlaws at the OK Corral (Tombstone, The Lone Ranger, High Noon, Deadwood)
  • The Allied soldier in World War II fighting the Nazis to save the world (Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, the Indiana Jones series)
  • The hero facing off against hopeless odds to protect the innocent (The Magnificent Seven, The Lord of the Rings movies, Die Hard, Mad Max)
  • The underdog winning the game against all odds (Rocky, The Natural, Bang the Drum Slowly)
  • The sentinel living according to principle even at the risk of total ruin (The Untouchables, Chariots of Fire)
  • The vigilante ignoring the rules to make sure justice is done (Dirty Harry, Fistful of Dollars, Batman Begins)
  • The hard-boiled detective following the trail of a mystery no matter where it leads (The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, The X-Files)
  • The antihero given an opportunity to redeem a selfish life (The Dirty Dozen, Michael Clayton)
  • The superhero swooping in to save the day (Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man)
  • The cool-under-fire, quick-witted rebel against oppression (the Star Wars movies, The Matrix trilogy, The Great Escape, Braveheart, The Patriot, the James Bond series)
  • The Jedi Knight igniting his lightsaber and turning to duel a menacing Dark Lord of the Sith (the Star Wars movies)
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