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December 27, 2009

Knights find warriors—literal or spiritual—heroic. In the Bible, Knights find their greatest heroic inspirations in the God-as-“Yahweh” stories in the early Old Testament, and the apocalyptic stories in Daniel and Revelation. These stories depict the people of God succeeding or failing in great spiritual showdowns with the forces of evil. Knights aspire to serve in God’s army against the Devil.

Knights’ imaginations are often sparked by Revelation’s depictions of a sword-wielding Christ leading God’s army against Satan and his forces. For Knights, there are only two camps in Creation—good and evil—that struggle for victory in the world. Knights idolize the champions of good, and want to become one. Knights believe that siding with the right pleases God, and refusal to do so displeases God.

Knights use Revelation to interpret the rest of the Bible as an epic story of conflict in which great champions are required. Seen in this light, Jesus serves as the Great Commander or Great Redeemer who returns souls home from the outland of sin—Satan’s realm—to God’s arms and God’s service. And Jesus’ miracles are proof of his authority and strength.

Knights’ primarily ask Who should be combated? Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Am I worthy to serve in God’s army—or how can I become so? What degree of force does God say is warranted to overcome this foe?


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